Are you looking a high quality pool finish for your new swimming pool?  Does Your Existing Swimming Pool Need To Be Resurfaced?

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality pool finishes to our customers.  Whether you are looking for a pool finish for your newly constructed swimming pool or looking to update your existing pool finish, we are the company to turn to.

Do you enjoy relaxing by the pool, entertaining your friends or jus

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t watching your kids splash around but are embarrassed by stains and chips in your existing pool finish?  Is your current pool finish lacking the luster it once had?  Just like the paint on your home, pool finishes age and eventually need to be resurfaced.  Let our experienced staff help you breathe new life into your pool by providing you with a quote to resurface your pool.  Give our friendly office staff a call today!

Our plastering crews have decades of experience plastering all sizes of swimming pools, spas, fountains, troughs, etc.  Whether you have a small family sized backyard swimming pool or an Olympic sized community swimming pool, our family of employees work together to be the best of the best and to provide top quality workmanship.


We work for some of the best pool builders in the area as well as directly for homeowners and general contractors.  No job is too big or too small.  Our professionalism makes us the perfect fit for any swimming pool plastering project in South Florida and the Caribbean.

We know that hiring a contractor in Florida can be scary but, rest assured, we are licensed, insured and offer a drug free work environment.  We own all of our vehicles and equipment. You can hire us with confidence knowing that we have been here for years and plan to be here for years to come.  We would love to welcome you to our family of happy and satisfied customers.

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  Maintaining a pool properly will keep your pool in sound condition so that you don’t have to resurface or remodel as frequently. Remember to keep it up, so that your swimming pool has neither too much chlorine or too little; an excess of chlorine or acid can break down your pool walls, and not enough can allow algae to grow and put a strain on pool filters, too. Swimming pool plastering is actually a specialized job even within the plastering portion of business; you’ll want to look beyond the typical plastering companies.

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That being said it is hard to foresee the cost of pool resurfacing simply because it can vary so much depending on the materials and techniques used. Building plaster is by far the most typical swimming pool resurfacing product primarily because it’s very affordable as compared to other materials available for the same work. The entire process of resurfacing is exactly as what the word suggests. The design of the swimming pool will be same as it is, however the total surface will be removed and laid with brand-new plaster cement material. The procedure of resurfacing ought to be done at the very first sign of any breaches or wear and tear. The sooner you are repairing them; the greater will be the outcomes. Stay clear of temporary replacement patch works that will not last even for a whole 12 months. It is always suggested to do long-lasting resurfacing in order to make your pool look good as new. The gunite swimming pool consistently represents a very good selection for a durable and long-lasting swimming pool. A unquestionable pro for this type of construction is because its going to last forever if appropriately looked after.

Looking For Certified Pool Plastering Company in Florida? Well Look No Farther!

Obtaining a reputable pool plastering company from among so many is difficult. A lot of them advertise in the media making tall promises becomes a job in itself. Our company offers just about the most state-of-the-art materials in pool surfaces additionally, the most veteran certified installers in the industry when it comes to pool resurfacing in Florida.

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