Hot and humid Florida requires special attention when it comes to keeping up with your swimming pool, but you can rest assured the same tips apply across the board. We’ve got a few things that relate specifically to our Sunshine State weather though – read on for full details!


Flushed with Floridian heat, leaves, grass, and insects can flock to your pool like it’s their summer getaway – so don’t forget a daily skimming for debris. Vacuuming weekly will keep your chilled oasis sparkling no matter the tropical clime.


With Florida’s balmy weather, algae, and bacteria can have a heyday in unattended pools. Regular testing and adjusting your water’s chemical balance – like the pH level which should stay between 7.2 and 7.8 – is key to keeping it healthy for swimmers. Don’t let things get out of whack or you could be sorry later!

To keep your pool in tip-top shape, remember to utilize an algaecide besides maintaining the chemical balance – especially when temperatures soar. It’s a smart move for some added protection against stubborn algae!

Make sure to pay attention to your pool’s filters! Those babies do so much hard work, constantly filtering out dirt and other stuff that could dirty the water. You need to stay on top of cleaning and inspecting them regularly – it should be an essential part of your overall maintenance routine for your swimming hole.


Keep a close eye on your pool- regularly scoping it out for any clues that something is up like breaks, leaks, or thinning liners. In Florida, with its strong sun and frequent use of pools, keeping damage at bay becomes all the more critical – don’t let small signs slip you by; deal with them promptly to keep your pool pristine.


It’s essential to pay attention to the water level in your pool if you’re living in Florida. The high evaporation rate and adverse weather mean it gets low quickly, so top it off regularly and don’t let storms take away even more. Be mindful of its state – you need it as steady as possible or else prepare for a lot of hard work!

Heat can cause a pool’s bacteria to get out of whack in no time flat. That’s why it is essential to give your pool regular “shocking” or super-chlorinating treatments – it just might be the key to keeping things from spiraling out of control, especially during Florida’s sweltering summer months.


Keeping the pool covered can be a real life-saver – especially if you’re taking a long break. It’ll do double duty by keeping decayed leaves, grass, and other yucky things out of your water while also preventing too much evaporation. Trust us, covering it up is well worth the effort!


Sure, DIY maintenance’s always an option, but you’d be wise to enlist professional help if you want to really get the most out of your pool – ya know; resurfacing, taking care of leaks, and repairs. It’s worth reaching out for the added peace of mind – ain’t no good coming from something going wrong that a pro could’ve prevented!

It’s hurricane season so Keep your eye on the weather channel. If severe weather it’s remember to turn off your pool pump.  

Follow these steps, and you’ll keep your pool in top condition for years to come. A little effort now means plenty of fun later – why not give it a try? From proper chemicals to the right cleaning process, you can scrub up a storm and let your backyard paradise shine! It’s worth the elbow grease, trust us.


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