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Our Palm Beach Best Pool Remodeling Company consumers reveal such very good tastes in outdoor designs and we all get pleasure from working with them.

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Pool Remodeling Experts in Palm Beach

Forida Pool Surfaces provides ideal pool remodeling experience for Palm Beach pool owners. We would like to infuse cheerfulness and life into your pool area. For us, a completely satisfied happy client is the only definition of a job well done.

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Our Remodeling Promise to Palm Beach Neighborhood Occupants

From the start of the style and design phase, through the demolition, plumbing, and construction phases, our industry experts will never cut a corner or quick fix a problem. We will handle your swimming pool as if it was our own and provide optimal communication each step of the way.

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Recognized Reasons Palm Beach Homeowners Remodel

Add new pool features
Update plaster, decking, and tile
Improve energy efficiency
Create an entertaining space
Create a fitness environment
Apply new pool finishes
Convert pool to saltwater
Resurface for a new warranty

Surface Styles and Finishes
Quartz pool surfaces for remodeling pools.
Quartz Surfaces
Smooth and beautiful!
Glass bead pool surfaces for remodeling pools.
Glass Bead Surfaces
Makes your pool water sparkle!
Pebble stone pool surfaces for remodeling pools.
Pebble Surfaces
Outstanding natural colors!
Lxurious and sleek!

Maybe you’ve noticed the surface of your pool is not as smooth as it once was. Pebble Tec or Beadcrete is one of the most magnificent pool surfaces obtainable. Some of the most spectacular pools in the world use it and it’s readily available for residential development.

We don’t recommend traditional plaster with color for pool resurfacing due to its strong inclination to fade away along with its shorter warranty coverage. Florida Pool Surfaces can work with you to help choose that perfect pool surface so that you’ll be exuberant with your swimming experience again – your feet.
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Swimming Pool Coping for Palm Beach Pools

Installing different coping is the perfect enhancement to resurfacing your pool and there is nothing that changes your pool’s overall look quite like a completely new border. Choosing a coping style is largely a design decision based on your overall plans for your backyard space. Florida Pool Surfaces can install concrete coping, bullnose brick, safety grip coping, flagstone, or other custom stonework.

Pool Deck Renovation for Palm Beach Pools

Really planning to transform your backyard pool area physical appearance and create an leisure area? Then updating your pool’s deck is a must and Florida Pool Surfaces knows decks. Poured concrete, decorative concrete, colored and stamped concrete, custom stonework, pavers, travertine, you name it and we have your pool ideas covered.

Brick and stone pavers based pool decks.
Custom stone decks around a swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Tiles for Palm BeachPools

The best pool tiles can actually change the appearance of your pool and give it an original, customized look and feel. Florida Pool Surfaces can help you choose the shape and color of a pool tile style and design in any area of your pool. Lots of people desire bright glossy blue tiles to line the wall space of their pool. Others want the much more neutral solid look of earth tone tiles intentionally applied around their pool waterline. What ever your vision, we will make it a reality.
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Swimming Pool Equipment Upgrades for Palm Beach Pools

Have you noticed your pool becoming a lot more challenging to keep clean over time? It’s probably time to improve your pool filtration system. Maybe you have liked the thought of a pool heater or pool automatic features? These awesome advances all belong to the pool equipment category. Florida Pool Surfaces can update your pool equipment as its own project. However these upgrades are more regularly done in conjunction with improving other physical pool aspects so that they can receive the most long run value.
Various pool pumps and pool lighting options.

Pool Plumbing Upgrades for Palm Beach Pools

Florida Pool Surfaces normally upgrades complete pool plumbing systems during pool deck renovations. Not surprisingly ,, it makes perfect sense to pour a new deck over new plumbing lines. Plumbing upgrades are also required for specified pool features such as fountains and waterfalls. When we place your new plumbing pipe we shall also install a completely new automatic fill line and a vacuum line for your pool vaccum.

Here is a list of popular additions we install:

Colored LED lighting
Water slides
Stone pillars
Beach style entries
Pool Heaters
Beach entries
Baja steps

Pool Waterline Artistic Tile Designs for Your Palm Beach Pool

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Florida Pool Surfaces has repaired and renovated hundreds of pools in the South Florida, so we can guide you to the numerous pool designs you are interested in for your renovating project.

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